mandora - sa direct fruitThe name Mandora a synthesis of Mand(-arine) and ora(-nge) which has been given after considerable thought to this hybrid of a superb quality fruit developed by cross pollination of the two varieties.

It is Mandarin Orange of a rather flat shape of deep orange colour. The pulp is tender and extremely juicy often exceeding 60% of the whole fruit’s weight.

The juice is of outstanding colour, while the flavour is extremely sweet but well balanced with acidity and has a strong, rich aroma. It does not develop delayed bitterness.

Mandoras are grown in the sunny Mediterranean Island of Cyprus where the soil and the climatic conditions are ideal for this fine quality fruit.

A whole team of experienced and capable personnel is making sure that quality is preserved during all steps of the production cycle and until the fruit is in the hands of the consumers.

Availability: January through April

Produce Facts

Mandora is very low (53 calories/100g) in calories.

It contains valuable sources of flavonoid anti-oxidants like naringenin, naringin, hesperetin, vitamin A, carotenes, xanthins and luteins; in fact, several times higher than in the oranges.

The fruit is very rich sources of vitamin-C (ascorbic acid), a water-soluble vitamin. Vitamin C helps absorb iron in the food by reducing ferrous form of the iron elements.

It contains natural soluble and insoluble fibre like hemi-cellulose, pectin, etc..  Adequate fibre in the food aids in smooth bowel movements by acting as a laxative. Pectin and hemi-cellulose restrict the absorption of cholesterol in the gut which cuts the risk of obesity. The dietary fibre in Mandora also improves digestion, which is good for the overall working of the body.


Most mandoras are displayed in bulk. They should be of comparable size to avoid over handling by consumers in search of the largest fruit. However, offer consumers a choice by complementing bulk displays with boxed or bagged mandoras.

Mandoras can be positioned with citrus, pineapples or apples.

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