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SA Direct Fruit - About Us 1Founded by South African businessman, Dennis Cohen, SA Direct Fruit LLC is an experienced, innovative, fruit import company based in the USA.

We pioneered the introduction of the baby pineapple from South Africa into North America, were the first company to import lychees into the USA during the winter months, and were the first to import lemons and mandoras from Cyprus.

SA Direct Fruit LLC also acts as the import arm and representatives for several other growers and packers around the globe.

Specialising in the importation of fresh fruit into USA, our fruit is sourced from the northern and southern hemispheres, namely Cyprus, Spain and South Africa. The growers and packers that we represent in these regions understand a consistent supply of quality fruit is needed to fill our customers year-round needs.

We customise the fruit specifications at the source to give the customers exactly what they want.


Our business philosophy is to work exclusively with a few customers in each major market area. We commence by working very hard to understand our customers needs. Thereafter, we tailor the supply to those needs and pay strict attention to consistent supply, traceability, and superior quality. We strive to present our customers with new produce items as often as we can.


Once the fruit reaches the port of arrival, we supervise the complex logistics for receiving the fruit and preparing it for dispatch to out customers. We recognise that food safety and accountability are paramount in the sophisticated world markets.


Careful palletization and loading procedures for sea and airfreight shipments are in place to eliminate risk of damage during transportation. We are efficient and reliable and attend to delivery needs whether it is a specific destination or not. We fill your needs and will deliver in both the United States or Canada, even if it is less than a full truckload.